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Aggiornamento: 7 feb 2020

Rust is a chemical reaction between metal, air and water, based on the unstoppable progress of nature, which consist in : - nothing will be created, nothing will be destroyed, everything is transforming. The charm is the transformation.

The photos captures the moment of the mutation. The corrosion process is cought in the photogram, but it continues  in any photograph and the picture will be different each time.

The charm of the forms of rust and corrosion materials initially caught me quite by accident.

A whole world hidden in a detail.

My eyes was opened in the universe of the most humble things. The decay pervading the rust appeared to me as a metaphor for the reality of nowadays. Rust is infinitely poetic, fragile and powerful at the same time. Perceive the beauty as pure estetic meaning in the process of disintegration of materials, this feeling was an enlightening surprise.

then I started to practice the processes of rust, causing them by myself and it was like proceed in the maps of unknown geographies of infinite paths. A creative experience, exciting and always new.

So I want to thank Deborah Sloan, a refined and sensitive soul, who made me discovered the wonders of rust and corrosion.

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